Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photography is Hot

It’s been a month since I “quit” my job. Of course I didn’t really quit. I’ve been painting, writing articles, and attending openings as much as usual, but since I published my desire to quit, I have been feeling much better. When I was a psychotherapist I encouraged people to express and explore their emotions to work out conflicts, depression or anxiety. The acknowledgement to myself and out loud to others of how overwhelmed I was feeling was a form of therapy. I’m still working but not nearly as hard as I was before, and that feels right.

Besides it’s summer, the season to sit back and enjoy the long, hot days and the light until night. Things definitely slow down in the summer including the art scene, which is affected by the end of “Season.” In spite of that, a lot has actually been happening in the art community. Photography particularly has been sprouting up all over the place.

The Palm Beach County Photo Salon opened an excellent new show, Florida In and Out of View, on June 25th in the Kimbell Center in Hobe Sound’s Jonathan Dickinson State Park, which runs until August 15. The day before InFocus opened at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. I didn’t get to the InFocus reception, but I was happy to hear that Melinda Moore received the award for Best in Show. She opened a solo show of her art photography, Creative Focus, in Palm Beach Gardens City Hall on Wednesday, June 29th. InFocus is on until August 20th and Melinda’s solo show runs through August 25th.

Meantime, the Artists Association of Jupiter (I’m a member) has put out a Call for Artists for a juried photography exhibition, The Gray Area: Black, White and Somewhere In Between. The exhibit, which award winning fine art photographer Barry Seidman agreed to judge, will take place from August 5 to September 1, 2011 in Jupiter’s A Unique Art Gallery. Photographers are asked to submit black and white works no larger than 11” x 14.” Go to, click on Events, and scroll down for submission information.

Our winter show, Small Works: Big Ideas was a huge success. Not only did we have a substantial number of submissions, but the show attracted many people into the gallery, and quite a few pieces sold. As a result, we are excited about the upcoming photography exhibit. Susan Lorenti, David Willison, and I put together the Call for Artists; so we have an investment in its success and are hoping for similar achievement. For the Gray Area, artists must submit their photographic work by July 16, 2011. I’m glad that the gallery decided not to have a Second Wednesday open house in July so we can devote our time to the task of dealing with submissions and preparing for the show in August.

Members of the Association are excluded from submitting work which suits me fine. I’m not a photographer, but I do use my photographs as inspiration for my paintings. Right now I’m working on a large canvas (36” x 48”), a collage style oil painting of Australia. I am completely excited about this piece. It naturally has kangaroos and koalas, but also a didgeridoo player, the Sydney Opera House and my own aboriginal painting within the painting. When I paint landscapes I transport myself back into the place and how I felt at the time. So far working on this painting is pure joy. I loved Australia and would return in a second if I could afford to go. Right now I have my photographs, and soon I will have a painting too.

Above photos I took in Australia. On right a black and white pic of a koala and center in Ayers Rock Resort.

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