Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Art Scene

“The season” is over, but the art scene in South Florida is busy, busy, busy. Considering that our economy is still pretty bad, it’s almost amazing that art seems to be taking off. People who read my Examiner articles often express their surprise at the number of local art events happening each week. It’s really exciting.

Recently, I joined an art collective which is opening a gallery in Jupiter on June 1, 2010. I spent part of Saturday along with my friend, Mag, hanging seven of my paintings and nine of hers in the freshly painted and remodeled space. Susan Lorenti, a warm, savvy businesswoman who has worked in art galleries and framing stores for years, decided to spearhead an artists alliance, and she is very excited about this new venture.

Artists Association of Jupiter presents “A Unique Art Gallery.” Each artist pays a monthly rental fee starting at $50 for a 4’ x 4’ space and up for larger spaces. Susan, who will have her framing business on site, will run the show, but she won’t be taking a commission on any of the artwork. The gallery is located at Center Park Plaza, 226 Center Street in Jupiter, an attractive shopping plaza that already houses Carolyn Austin’s Unique Glass Art gallery. There’s still space for more artists, so anyone interested should email Susan at or call her at (954) 588-7275.

As an active member in the Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC), I am pleased that the proposal we submitted to the City of Delray Beach was awarded. Starting in October APBC will have a 5,000 square foot Art Center in Pineapple Grove. The space will have artist studios, a co-op gallery, exhibition and performance space. In the near future there will be a call for artists to be juried for studio or exhibiting spaces. There will be monthly charges, but artists will run their own gallery space.

In May, Ross Gallery of Art opened at 2900 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. Owner, Guy Chaifez is a longtime resident who turned his video business into a large, beautiful gallery space with the intention of promoting local South Florida artists.

The recent oil spill in the Gulf has caused much alarm and sadness. Not only are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of creatures being killed, but the beauty of nature is being destroyed as well. Once crisp clear water is now blackened, and pristine beaches are soon to be tarred. Still the exploding art scene gives me hope. In the difficult times we are living through, we will be okay as long as our creativity prevails.

Top right photo is of Mag's wall in Artists Assoc. of Jupiter and mine is below on the left.