Friday, July 30, 2010

Painting or writing, which to do?

Summer is speeding by, and at times I think I’ve been too busy to enjoy it, although I love the long days. Going out to the patio for a swim in the evening before the sun goes down, is definitely a pleasure I wish I could indulge in year round. This month has been as busy as last with writing, painting, covering the A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter, going to art receptions, etc., etc.

I’m almost finished with a large collage style painting of Las Vegas that I’ve really been enjoying, but it’s gotten a lot of competition from my writing. I did mail off my novel for The Florida Writers Association 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition, which is now officially closed, and I’m pleased to announce that I am a Finalist for the Women’s Fiction Award. But I’ve already started another writing project that I am very excited about. In fact, earlier this week I mailed a proposal to Pineapple Press. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about all of the above.

The Florida Writers Association’s 9th Annual Writers Conference is being held October 22 – October 24, 2010 in the Lake Mary Marriott. Early registration ends on July 31st, and since I’m planning to attend I mailed my registration this week. Two years ago, I went to the conference and had a wonderful time meeting and networking with fellow writers. One of my writing group friends, Mark Adduci, sat next to me at the Royal Palm Award Banquet, and we were pleased to congratulate each other when thankfully, we both walked off with awards. His was for a suspense thriller Cursed Blessing: Book One of the Trilogy of the Chosen.

Mark did everything one should do to get an agent, but even without one he found a publisher. His book was recently released with his pseudonym J. M. LeDuc, and Mark has been busy doing book signings in bookstores and libraries up and down the east coast. Look for his thriller in local bookstores. A page turner that has an inspirational message of redemption, it’s a really well written book, and he’s a good guy who deserves success. An active member of the Florida Writers Association, Mark leads a critique group in the Wellington Library the second Wednesday of every month from 6:30 to 8:45 p.m. I’m hoping I will see him again at this year’s conference.

For anyone who has been thinking about attending the conference but missed the early registration, you can still save some money. If you register by September 22, the cost is $309. After that late registration is $329. This conference promises to be the best one yet, and I would highly recommend it to any active or aspiring writers.

Above is "Sin City" my 36" x 48" soon to be finished oil on canvas.